Host FAQ

Where should I host my event?

We recommend hosting in your home, if possible. Alternatively, you can host in your office after everyone else has left for the day, if that works better. Somewhere easy and free for you!


How do I actually register people to attend?

When you register to Host an event you get access to a collection of resources, including a template for an email to send to people. This email contains a link for people to click to register to Attend an event. Everyone who plans to Attend an event must register through that link. (If anyone registers directly through you and not through that link, please send us their name and email address.)

Do I have to host my event on October 18?

No, you can hold it on or around October 18, so if waiting until the weekend works better for you, that’s fine. It shouldn’t be more than a week off of October 18.


As a host, how do I describe myself in terms of this event?

You can call yourself an Official Partner or an Official Facilitator of WGHD, whichever you prefer.


If we have our own brand/business, are we allowed to include our brand, together with WGHD and your brand too?

Yes! Include your branding with WGHD!


What is the maximum number of women for the WGHD event?

There’s no maximum. We suggested 10-15 to make it easy for facilitators but if you want 100, go for it!


Are we allowed to charge a minimal fee for materials and snacks? Or, can we partner with a café, where the cafe does not charge me to hold the event there, participants do not pay to attend the session, but we do encourage them to order food and/or drinks from the café?

Either option is fine, although if it is held at a café it should still be private enough that women will feel comfortable opening up.


I want to be respectful of your intellectual property, as well as care for your brand and for the WGHD brand. When welcoming participants and introducing ourselves during the event, can we share our own work and how it relates to WGHD?

Of course!

Attendee FAQ

What is Women's Global Happiness Day?

Women's Global Happiness Day is a worldwide effort to raise awareness about the women's depression epidemic, educate women in the science of happiness, and eradicate women's depression. Women are twice as likely to be depressed as men and it is our goal to create an understanding around this issue and empower women around the world to embrace their uniqueness and find joy in their individuality. We promote self-love, joy, and purpose for all women.


By whom and why was WGHD created?

WGHD was created by world-renowned happiness expert, Carin Rockind. The idea was born out of Carin's struggle with depression after she suffered her second miscarriage at 43.  Fighting through her struggle to cope with this loss, Carin went on a solo retreat to meditate, allow herself to feel the grief, move through the trauma, and grow. It was during this time that Carin birthed her idea for WGHD.  As a positive psychology coach and speaker, she envisioned women gathering in small circles all over the world to declare, "NO MORE, WE DESERVE BETTER!"


Is there a cost to host or to attend a WGHD event?

There are no required costs to host or attend a WGHD event, though we hope hosts will provide refreshments.


How long can I expect a WGHD event to last?

Event times will vary based upon your event leader.  A typical WGHD event will be approximately 2 to 3 hours long.


Why attend a WGHD event?

One of the main reasons women are suffering from unprecedented depression is loneliness. We're isolated trying to live our perfect lives. Research shows that women need authentic connection with other women to thrive. At your WGHD event, you can expect to learn proven tools to become unstuck and happier in life. The event leader will hold safe and sacred space for you to share what is in your heart and you will receive a community of like-hearted, incredible women who support and empower each other.