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According to the World Health Organization, women are twice as depressed as men and according to University of Pennsylvania research, women are less happy today than women were 30 years ago. We have more opportunity, more wealth, and more misery.

According to the National Institute of Health, approximately 12 million women in the United States alone experience clinical depression each year, meaning 1 in 8 women will likely develop clinical depression during her lifetime. Furthermore, this discrepancy in depression begins when we're kids. Girls 14-18 experience more depression than boys. 



  • Pressures to "have it all" and "be everything" to everyone isn't working. We're trying to be perfect in every area and it's tearing us apart.

  • Since we still do more child and home care, we're carrying the mental load for the household (while potentially also balancing career) and it's more than any one person can do. 

  • Women have had more abuse trauma and need to learn how to grow from it. 

  • Women ruminate more than men, meaning stress impacts women's brains, mindset and confidence. 

  • More than 80% of women dislike some aspect of their bodies. We're sold an image that makes us feel unworthy and it's not working

  • We're working just as hard as men but we make less money which makes women feel inadequate. 

  • We learn to be people pleasers so we suppress what we need and want.

  • We're isolated, trying to do it all alone and pretend that we have it all together. 


Women don't have to live like this. Even for women who aren't depressed, many aren't happy or flourishing, and we deserve better! We take care of everyone else, so we deserve to thrive! Women need an outlet and a solution to be their full selves and be happy. A Whole Woman is a happy woman. A woman who is in touch with her true, deep desires, her sensuality, her sexuality, her fierce inner Warrior, and heart intuition, and her joyful playful self is happy. And women's happiness matters. When a woman is happy, everyone benefits. Depression can cause the person, their families, and their work to suffer. Women are still the major caretakers of the home and of children, while they are in the workforce in nearly equal numbers. Therefore, excessive women's depression impacts kids, businesses, and the economy. Something has to change.

Women's Global Happiness Day is a day for women around the world to claim happiness, self-love, and purpose.



On or around October 18, 2019:

Female-identified individuals serve as event leaders and will receive training, curriculum, and materials. *Corporations may also host an event for their female employees.

Women will gather in circles of 10 -15 around the world to share, connect, and learn a foundation in the science of women's happiness.

Influencers, individuals, and businesses can additionally participate by celebrating in their own way and using hashtags #wedeservebetter and #womenhappier


How WGHD Came to be: 

On October 18, 2017, our founder, Carin Rockind, MAPP, had her second miscarriage. At 43, she had conceived around her birthday and found out she was pregnant on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. She and her husband, Josh, were sure it was meant to be. However, on October 18, they went in to see the heartbeat and there was none. In that moment, Carin, a women's life coach and motivational speaker who is an expert in positive psychology, the science of happiness, broke down. Over the coming week, she fell into a deep depression, continuously telling Josh that she didn't want to be alive. Yes, she teaches happiness for a living, but she couldn't imagine ever being happy again. 

Carin's "Sisters" banded around her. Girlfriends sat with her and let her cry. College friends left their own families to fly into town and be with her. Clients from all over the world checked in on her daily and sent care packages. Sisterhood saved her life. 

She also used her own tools. She went on retreat by herself and let herself scream the anger into the woods, hitting old rocks with a baseball bat to get it out. She danced out her grief, moving sadness through her body. She made herself healthy food, read, journaled, meditated, and did positive psychology mindset tools to heal and grow through this trauma. 

In meditation, she kept asking higher power, "Show me what I'm here to birth." 

The message came through loud and clear: Do something about women's depression. While in graduate school, Carin learned about the women's depression epidemic and was furious. Why is it that we work so hard to do so much for everyone while making less money - and we're suffering?? Carin has been passionate about empowering women her whole life. Women are twice as depressed as men and more depressed than women were 30 years ago. She herself has suffered from depression and anxiety throughout her life and time and time again, comes back to the simple fact that when we know and love ourselves (AS IS - warts and all!), when we live true to ourselves, when we allow ourselves our real heart's desires and let ourselves live fully, we're happy. We've just been told that we're wrong for having emotions, for having a belly, for having grey hair, for wanting big dreams, for wanting to stay home - pretty much, we've been told we have to be perfect according to someone else's standards and it's not working. So years ago, Carin started building Sisterhoods. She created her first Sisterhood for women in their 40's and it has expanded to women of all ages through her retreats, group programs, and podcast. In her research, Carin has identified 8 major reasons why women are so depressed and has mapped proven constructs and interventions for them all. 

In meditation, Carin had a vision of women gathering in small circles all over the world to declare, "NO MORE". To declare, #wedeservebetter, to declare, "We're WORTHY of happiness." Carin shared the idea with her positive psychology students and friends and the response was overwhelming. Women from all over the world wanted to participate. Women's Global Happiness Day was born!

We chose October 18 for the date because one of Carin's major teachings is to turn your pain into purpose. In holding this event to eradicate women's depression and empower women globally, we are all birthing something powerful together that will have ripple effects around the world for generations to come. We hope you'll join us in our mission! Click here to find out how you can participate or here to sponsor this world-altering monumental event!  





Women's Global Happiness Day

Contact Carin at carin@carinrockind.com

About Carin Rockind

Carin is a leading happiness expert, media personality, and the creator of PurposeGirl, a movement to empower purpose-driven living for girls and women. She has taught thousands of women real-life strategies to reclaim their happiness and live their joy. Having survived domestic abuse, divorce, and armed robbery, she teaches women to use pain for purpose and thrive. Carin was one of the first 250 people in the world to earn a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she has also served as adjunct faculty. Carin teaches workshops at companies worldwide, including Morgan Stanley, AVON, and Progressive Insurance and she is a regular contributor to national media: She has appeared on NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, and Crain’s Business, was the Happiness Guru on Sirius XM’s Stars Radio, and hosts the popular podcast, The PurposeGirl Podcast.